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A bundling of three separate components, the FCIS detects and shuts down discharging backflow preventers installed in mechanical rooms or other indoor spaces.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Flood Control Integrated System from Zurn Industries

The Zurn Wilkins Flood Control Integrated System (FCIS) from Zurn Industries is a bundling of three separate components that detect and shut down discharging backflow preventers installed in facility mechanical rooms or other indoor product flash

The new system aims to protect facility managers and owners from flood risk/liability. A flood from a code-mandated reduced pressure (RP) device installed indoors, even when working properly, can result in significant costs related to cleanup and downtime. The Zurn FCIS can shut off water supply to the backflow, and it can be configured to signal the alarm panel and/or divert water to another device.

A 2001 incident, cited by the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA), occurred at a Fort Collins, CO hospital. An 8″ double check backflow preventer blew, causing thousands of gallons of water to dump into the basement maintenance building, knocking out the hospital’s telephone lines and computer systems, and causing evacuations. In the equipment room where the break occurred, workers found four feet of standing water. Other rooms were also equipment

The Zurn Wilkins FCIS is comprised of:

  • Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly with Integral Relief Valve Monitor (Models 375AMS/475MS/975XLMS) that employs Zurn’s patented monitor switch that senses a discharge;
  • Electronic Solenoid Timer (Model EST) processes signal from flood sensing equipment against a settable time function (to eliminate nuisance trips), and in the case of a fault sends a signal to a solenoid valve and/or alarm device; and
  • Solenoid Actuated Automatic Control Valve (ZW206) shuts off water through the system.

The Zurn Wilkins FCIS can be shipped fully assembled (with the EST directly mounted on the ACV) for turnkey installation in retrofit and other projects. Additional cables to wire parallel bypass systems and/or backpressure shutoff valves are available as accessories. Bundling the three components simplifies specification and installation, and FCIS features quick-connection modularity, which eliminates the need for an electrical contractor.


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