NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Snofree Roof Panels from Valin

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Valin Corporation has introduced the Snofree Roof Panel System from Heat Trace Specialists, which is designed to protect facilities against ice formations and the resulting water damage. This product is part of the company’s heat trace technology solutions for commercial and residential product flash

The Snofree Roof Panel System helps facility managers maintain their structures during winter weather. This accomplished through the material, shape, and mass of the product’s extruded aluminum core and steel enclosure, which maximizes the transfer of heat and minimizes energy usage.

winter maintenanceThe Snofree Roof Panel System also features an exclusive Snap2Lock design for simplicity and speed during installation. When the components are joined together, there are no unprotected roof penetrations.

The eave panels are available in sizes ranging from 6″ to 48″, with custom sizes available. Valley panels come in both 4″ and 6″ options. Diverse finish choices are also available, so the product can seamlessly blend in or stand out to achieve the desired appearance.

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