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This fusion of modern technology and antique aesthetic produces an attractive mirror that's available in commercial sizes.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: VintageMirror™ Architectural Glass By Bendheim

new product flashBendheim has introduced VintageMirror™ decorative architectural glass to the market. The result of modern production technologies, the material offers an antique mirror aesthetic in large commercial sizes, up to 96″ by 130″. With an elegant aged look for modern commercial interiors, the mirror can be used for backsplashes, lobby walls, safety laminated elevator interiors, and feature walls.

“Materials offering the charm of ‘the old days’ have regained popularity,” said Donald Jayson, senior vice president of Bendheim. “While VintageMirror is a thoroughly modern material—in terms of its high quality, consistency, and ease of handling—it has a distinctly antique look. It can bring a sense of tension into contemporary interiors or add a touch of romance and comfort to corporate settings.”

bendheimmirrorVintageMirror is identical in appearance to an authentic antique mirror with its asymmetric “imperfections” and patina. To allow customization and expand the possibilities of the glass, Bendheim can laminate VintageMirror to any of the company’s decorative patterned and etched glasses, including exclusive and vintage-inspired textures, adding complexity and visual depth to the glass. VintageMirror in laminated from is ideal for applications requiring additional safety, such as elevator interiors.

In addition to extra-large rectangular panels, Bendheim provides VintageMirror fabricated to specification, including intricate waterjet cut and CNC-machined shapes.


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