NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Concrete Floor Repair by Rust-Oleum

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Rust-Oleum recently introduced two products that can be used together for quick repair of concrete floors in commercial and industrial facilities. Using the InstaPatch Concrete Repair and FastKote Polyurea Floor Coating, facility managers can put damaged concrete floors back into service in 24 product flash

InstaPatch Concrete Repair is an ultra-rapid curing product that cures in 15 minutes or less. InstaPatch can be poured into cracks and holes, or trowel applied with the addition of sand. It has virtually no odor and can be applied in temperatures as low as -5°F. Once fully cured, the product changes color from black to gray. After a floor has been patched with InstaPatch it can be top coated with Rust-Oleum’s FastKote Polyurea Floor Coating.Rust-Oleum

FastKote (seen here) can handle light traffic in as little as four hours after application and full vehicle traffic in 24 hours. Roller applied, the polyurea formula protects against chemicals and abrasion for long lasting durability. For floors exposed to direct sunlight, a FastKote UV formula is available to provide added protection against ultraviolet rays. The FastKote products are available in Gray, Super Light Gray, Safety Yellow, Tan, and Clear.

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