New Product Flash: CompuClean by Spartan Chemical

Cloud Based Maintenance Software
The next generation of this software for custodial maintenance provides users enhanced features.

New Product Flash: CompuClean by Spartan Chemical


New Product Flash: CompuClean by Spartan Chemical

Spartan Chemical Company recently introduced the next generation of its CompuClean software. The software is now available as a cloud based service and can be accessed from any web enabled device. new product flash

The features of this Custodial Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) include workloading and staffing estimation, process documentation and standardization, quality assurance monitoring, inventory management, and capital equipment tracking.


Enhanced with enterprise level security, CompuClean subscriptions include unlimited data storage, secure program access via the Internet, data backup, complimentary upgrades, free training, and data migration assistance. The latest release also offers features such as an upgraded reporting package and enhanced data templates with new tasks and inspection lists. Since there is nothing to install or maintain facility managers can get started with CompuClean quickly.

CompuClean is available for a nominal annual fee which covers ongoing maintenance of the hosting equipment and enhancement of the program. This is compared to a user owned and maintained server which can cost upwards of $1,500 annually.

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