Question Of The Week: Favorite Part Of Your Facility?

Is there a place in your facility that you thoroughly appreciate, enjoy, and are altogether proud of?logo-q-of-the-week

For better or worse, facility managers get to know every square inch of the facilities they oversee. From the main entrance to back offices to the storage areas, operating and maintaining buildings and their grounds is a job that presents many rewards.


Does your facility make you feel like this?

Does your facility make you feel like this?

Is it a vantage point that affords a view of a well landscaped lawn? Or a corridor where you’ve completed a lighting retrofit? Perhaps it’s the central plant that keeps your buildings humming behind the scenes. (Feel free to share a photo.)

On the flip side, is there an area that is a thorn in your (FM) side? The carpet that won’t stay clean; the odor that can’t be identified? In TFM‘s latest issue, FM Frequency columnist, Charles Carpenter, mentions the challenges presented by the office microwaves in his article… “they break; they trip circuit breakers; they stink; they are dirty; and there never seem to be enough of them.”




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