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Learn about the Duro-Last Roofing System

Duro-Last Prefabricated Roofing

The Duro-Last vinyl roof membrane is a proprietary thermoplastic formulation consisting of PVC resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, biocides, flame retardants and U.V. absorbents. A weft-insertion knitted scrim that is laminated between two layers of PVC film gives the membrane its strength and durability. The Duro-Last membrane is available in white, tan, gray, dark gray, or terra cotta.

Duro-Last has met or exceeded all major fire and wind code requirements, and regional approvals as necessary throughout the country. These certifications reinforce Duro-Last’s leadership in providing the consistent, watertight integrity that building owners expect.

Duro-Last has been approved by Factory Mutual, Underwriters Laboratories, and is proud to be a charter partner of the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program.

Duro-Tuff® Roll Goods

The Duro-Tuff single-ply membrane incorporates established membrane chemistry, an 18 x 9 weft-insertion scrim that provides exceptional strength, and superior film thickness above scrim. Duro-Tuff roll goods enable an easier installation on challenging, cut-up roofs; roofs that are difficult to measure; and projects in cold or extreme weather.

The Duro-Tuff membrane is engineered to be used with the complete line of Duro-Last’s proven, precision-fabricated flashings for curbs, stacks, and parapets that ensure a water-tight fit.

Duro-Fleece® Roll Goods

The Duro-Fleece system combines Duro-Last’s proven thermoplastic membrane and a high-quality, 3.8 ounce fleece material that’s bound to the underside of the membrane during manufacturing.

The Duro-Fleece can be installed using mechanically-attached or adhered methods. The fleece offers enhanced adhesion characteristics between the membrane and the substrate.

For some applications, the Duro-Fleece membrane can act as a separation barrier, which may reduce project material costs and speed up installations that otherwise would require an additional separator sheet.

NEW: The new colors of Duro-Tuff and Duro-Fleece. Color matched membrane and vinyl rib accessories can be ordered with the roll goods available in Blue, Copper, Charcoal, Green Patina, Light Gray, and Light Tan. Duro-Tuff and Duro-Fleece Colors have the same color film on top and bottom to reduce the visual effects of bleed out as well as the availability of color matched custom membrane accessories.