Ceiling-mounted, Air- and Water-Cooled Units

Self-contained, High-capacity Cooling for Computer Rooms and Offices

There are now even more alternatives to traditional fan coil units. A prime example is MovinCool’s newest addition to its award-winning line of spot coolers: the CM Series of ceiling-mount air conditioners. Among these are found the CM12 spot air-cooled and CM25 packaged air-cooled models, as well as the CMW30 water-cooled model, which is ideal for server rooms.

The CM Series is exceptional for the full package of outstanding attributes it offers, but it’s really set apart by the compact dimensions of its models, which boast the lowest top-to-bottom profile in the industry. Models from the CM Series fit into just about any drop-ceiling space; this is one of the reasons for its special effectiveness in cooling rooms with limited floor space.

The CM Series provides 10,500 to 29,400 Btu/h of cooling. The units are compact, self-contained, and easy to install. They come complete with built-in mounting brackets, flanges, and condensate pump. The CM25 and CMW30 feature a wall-mounted controller that offers advanced programmability and settings features. The time is right to look at options beyond traditional fan coils.