Common Thermal Mass Flow Measurement Applications

Compressed Air Measurement Systems

A key role in energy and facilities management is making compressed air systems more reliable and efficient. The TA2 can be used to determine air usage at different parts of a plant or in leak detection. Valuable resources are wasted when a leak goes unnoticed or cannot be located. It is estimated that 30% of compressed air usage is due to leakage which can account for thousands of dollars of wasted air. The first step to reducing utility costs is to measure the usage.


  • Easy installation with use of an insertion probe with compression fitting
  • Accurate flow measurement under varying pressures
  • High turndown and good sensitivity at low flow rates

Natural Gas Measurement

Flow measurement of natural gas is important for energy management to improve combustion efficiency. Additionally, facilities that emit over 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2) per year must report these missions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Formulas have been provided by the EPA for converting the natural gas usage into CO2. Monitoring the fuel to individual combustion sources can be a less expensive alternative than using a CEM system.


  • Strong signal at low flow rates with high turndown
  • Verify calibration in the field
  • Easy installation with low pressure drop
  • Direct mass flow measurement

Combustion Air Flow

Combustion air flow to a furnace (boiler, etc.) is important to maintain a stoichiometric ratio with the amount of fuel being supplied. Too little air flow can result in incomplete combustion along with additional carbon monoxide or smoke depending on the fuel being burned. On the other hand too much air flow can cool the furnace and waste heat out of the stack. The repeatability of the air measurement is essential to obtaining the most efficient air to fuel ratio.


  • Repeatability of ±0.5% of reading
  • Direct mass flow measurement
  • Easy to install in an air duct

Featured Paper | Versatility of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Thermal mass flow meters are growing in popularity due to the cost savings they provide. Learn how these devices can help optimize your energy management initiatives by making industrial, municipal and commercial applications, including boilers and compressed air flow, more energy efficient.

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Featured Product | TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The TA2 offers excellent performance at an exceptional value. This advanced mass flow meter features powerful, yet easy to use, electronics that are contained in an explosion proof enclosure. The TA2 is also available with insertion probes and flow body design for smaller pipe sizes.

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Featured Product | POLARIS Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The POLARIS provides an accurate, repeatable solution for liquid applications. This innovative electromagnetic mass flow meter can measure liquids with a conductivity as low as 5 µS/cm in closed pipes. It also has the capability to measure forward and reverse flow rates as well as total volume.

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