Question Of The Week Articles

On Mondays, FacilityBlog will feature one question posed by a facility management professional to Facility Executive’s resident expert and guru, Kevin Folsom. While a link to this response from the magazine is included, the goal of this exercise is to initiate additional discussion and feedback from members within the facility management community.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Facility Management Inspections And Reports

Should it take significantly longer to create the facility inspection report than it does to collect the data, photography, and other supporting... [...]


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: CAFM Explorer Going Mobile

When considering mobile CAFM options, what kind of hardware device should facility managers use for maintenance... [...]


We're looking for safe ways to handle gum removal, especially in cases when the gum has been there for... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What Social Media Works Best For You?

How are facility management professionals using social media to handle challenges in and around their... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Too Hot/Too Cold Complaints

How do you handle temperature complaints in your... [...]


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Energy Efficiency Recommendations

What are the best energy efficiency recommendations facility managers can make to other facility... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What IFMA Credential Should I Pursue?

CFM prep exam or FMP? I am not sure what I am ready for and would appreciate any advice or shared... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What Should You Outsource?

A facility manager is seeking outsourcing... [...]


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Service Request System Plus More

Can anyone recommend a robust customer service/work order request... [...]


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Belt Maintenance

Is it wise to push the integrity of equipment when maintenance is fairly straightforward? Or should you only change belts when... [...]