Question Of The Week Articles

On Mondays, FacilityBlog will feature one question posed by a facility management professional to Facility Executive’s resident expert and guru, Kevin Folsom. While a link to this response from the magazine is included, the goal of this exercise is to initiate additional discussion and feedback from members within the facility management community.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Tracking Employees

What is the best way to track the quantity of employees in each building and on each floor in an environment of partial hot desking, and where cell phones, VPN phones, and wireless technology are... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Getting Motivated!

What motivational quote have you used to get your team ready to face facilities management... [...]


What can facilities management in house staff members do in order to raise awareness among... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Incentives For Results

What are the pros and cons of incentives on... [...]


Is it feasible to apply lean practices to cleaning and maintenance in... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Contract Consolidation

When considering outsourcing, how do you determine which contractors can—or SHOULD—be consolidated (if... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Not All Techs Are Created Equal

Where can I find data on the prevailing wage rates for facilities technicians (preferably adjusted for remote... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Color Temp For Fluorescent Lights

How can the most suitable lighting for mechanical rooms be... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Maintenance Calculations

What is the best way to calculate maintenance staffing... [...]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Maintenance Apps for PDAs

What kinds of maintenance programs or apps are available for use with... [...]