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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Holiday Office Party Season

For those organizations throwing holiday parties this year, there's this advice to employees from Nathan Jamail, author of The Playbook... [...]


THROWBACK THURSDAY: One Out Of Four Workers Have Encountered Employment Discrimination

A December 2013 report from Pew Research indicates that Millennial women are getting closer to salary parity, however, broader discrimination issues may still be present in the... [...]


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Businesses Not Harnessing The Power Of Social Networking

However, younger employees are taking advantage of these Web sites to communicate with... [...]

An aerial view of the fire at Our Lady of the Angels School at 909 N. Avers Ave. on the West Side of Chicago. The fire was one of the worst in the city's history, claiming the lives of three nuns and 92 of the school's 1,200 pupils. Numerous changes in the city's fire code followed, including mandatory sprinkler systems and alarms linked directly to fire stations. The fire began about 20 minutes before the school was to let out for the day.

December 1, 2013 Marks 55th Anniversary Chicago School Fire

Inadequate building design contributed to the deaths of 92 children and three nuns at Our Lady of... [...]


THROWBACK THURSDAY: The Saddest Offices in the World Contest Winners (or Losers)

People who work in places like these are especially happy to escape from the office for Thanksgiving. #throwbackthursday... [...]


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Workplace Annoyances–Food In The Keyboard

Most people eat at their desks, but how many facility managers have had to deal with cleaning food out of keyboards? #throwbackthursday... [...]


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Plant Yourself A New Facility

An international firm comprised of scientists, horticulturists, and designers is going back to its roots—literally—in its quest to create structures that are truly "one with nature." #throwbackthursday... [...]


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Haunted Hospitality

Ghostly spirits make themselves as comfortable in America's B&Bs as living guests do. #throwbackthursday... [...]