FM Frequency Articles

This thought provoking op/ed column takes a humorous look at topics relevant to the many facets of facility management.

FM Frequency: OSHA Does NOT Necessarily Mean Oh Sh–!

It doesn't take all that much effort for the proactive facility manager to benefit from—rather than panic at the thought of—an OSHA... [...]

FM Frequency: How Green Is Green?

Despite sustainability's established foothold, Carpenter has some issues with its... [...]

FM Frequency: Feel Free To Blame Tortilla Chips

The chips will fall where they may, but FM Frequency Columnist Charles Carpenter makes the case for more sustainable corn chip... [...]

FM Frequency: Exit, Stage Right

FM Frequency Columnist Charles Carpenter is all about common sense, not stage directions, with this very practical advice on fire safety in... [...]

FM Frequency: Walking In Another Fm’s Shoes

FM Frequency Columnist Charles Carpenter takes a field trip and gains perspective on what... [...]

FM Frequency: Career Day

When FM Frequency Columnist Charles Carpenter makes the lecture circuit at local high schools and colleges, everyone learns a little something about facilities management.... [...]

FM Frequency: Don’t Take Your Guns To Work

TFM Columnist Charles Carpenter tackles a controversial topic as he transitions into FM Frequency... [...]

FM Frequency: Reducing Expenses In 2010? Thanks Uncle Sam!

Sarcasm is hip deep this month as FM Frequency Columnist Jeff Crane vents his budget cutting... [...]

FM Frequency: Cutting Costs And Adding Flexibility

In challenging times, repurposing or reconfiguring facility spaces can... [...]

FM Frequency: Powerful Realities

Columnist Jeff Crane ponders long-term alternative energy options in response to cap and trade... [...]