Technology and FM Articles

In this column, experts explore how technology permeates the facility management (FM) domain. Formerly “The Facility Technologist,” this column provides insight into how the interaction of “Technology and FM” continues to expand.

The Facility Technologist: High Definition Video

Can high definition CCTV leapfrog over traditional digital security... [...]

The Facility Technologist: Getting Smart With Energy

The development of smart power grids is... [...]

The Facility Technologist: A Mandate For Efficiency

As part of the buildout team for his company's new headquarters, Condon rides the "third... [...]

The Facility Technologist: Reaching Into The Tech Toolbox

Facility managers can control costs by optimizing items already in place, along with adding other money saving... [...]

The Facility Technologist: We’ve Come A Long Way

In many areas, FM technologies today look very different from those of 20 years... [...]

The Facility Technologist: Getting The Message

When an emergency event occurs, mass notification capabilities can help keep people... [...]

The Facility Technologist: Parking Goes High-Tech

As technology continues to permeate virtually every aspect of facilities, even those areas that have been traditionally low-tech are being... [...]

The Facility Technologist: It’s All About The Network

This often overlooked component can be the key to success when implementing facility... [...]

The Facility Technologist: Sustainable Energy Production

Consider these D-I-Y energy generation... [...]

The Facility Technologist: PSIM – The “Other” Intelligent System

An emerging security technology links all functions in the... [...]