FM Issue Articles

Facility management related issues are often in the news. This monthly feature examines some of the more abstract, non-product concepts and challenges facility managers face in that regard.

FM Issue: Choosing An Efficient Lighting System

Employee productivity, improved energy consumption, and overall safety are just a few of the factors to benefit from carefully planned lighting.... [...]

FM Issue: From Currents To Currency

Facility managers can combat energy... [...]

FM Issue: Green Buying Guidelines

Environmentally preferable purchasing puts long-term implications into perspective.... [...]

FM Issue: Getting Realistic About Roofing

Proposed legislation would impact the effect of this building component on the bottom line.... [...]

FM Issue: Getting A Handle On Energy Costs

What can facility managers do about rising prices? One solution is to purchase their energy with the most cost effective strategy available.... [...]

FM Issue Web Bonus: Options Can Help To Reduce Energy Costs

As the energy market evolves, so have the options that facilities have to control these... [...]

FM Issue: Prepared For An Audit?

It's possible to add value to environmental health and safety... [...]

FM Issue: Resourceful Reduction

Efforts to lessen the environmental impact of a facility can take on many forms.... [...]


FM Issue: Cool Roofing

This green approach is one way to reduce the environmental impact of a... [...]

FM Issue: Fire Management and Building Codes

In providing an effective fire safety system, building codes are a significant part of the... [...]