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These feature stories include coverage of the issues faced by facility managers, case studies from the facility manager’s perspective, and special reports.

FM Issue: Prepared For An Audit?

It's possible to add value to environmental health and safety... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Furnishings Renewed

The refurbishing option offers both economic and environmental benefits.... [...]

Green Solutions: Let The Sun Shine In

A daylighting system installed at a Patagonia warehouse and distribution center in Reno, NV reduces energy bills and increases productivity.... [...]

Technology Trends: Perfecting The System

Recent software advances allow facility manager to update building information more quickly and... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Interior Pest Prevention

Sustaining a pest free building requires proper maintenance and an attentive services... [...]

Green Solutions: A Second Chance For Carpet

Carpet reuse and recycling programs advance a... [...]

FM Issue: Resourceful Reduction

Efforts to lessen the environmental impact of a facility can take on many forms.... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Save Water While Quenching Cooling Towers

With proper infrastructure and treatment in place, reusing water can be a viable option for a facility.... [...]

Security Trends: The Path of Most Resistance

Installing security systems in layers around the facility will decrease chances of a major security... [...]


FM Issue: Cool Roofing

This green approach is one way to reduce the environmental impact of a... [...]