Services & Maintenance Articles

Facility managers are often required to take a reactionary approach when it comes to problem solving. This column provides proactive, “how to” solutions to some of the ongoing issues.


Services & Maintenance: Options Abound Above

Choosing the best ceiling materials for a space should consider appearance and... [...]


Services & Maintenance: Fire Safety Check

Facility managers can assure the success of their building protection systems with a consistent inspection, testing, and maintenance... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Energy Improvements

Managing staff behavior is a key to maintaining benefits over... [...]


Services & Maintenance: Getting A Handle On Waste

Managers can optimize their facilities' waste streams with diversion and... [...]


Services & Maintenance: Planning Green Cleaning

Protecting occupant health and the environment are twin goals when evaluating products and... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Keeping On Top Of Leaks

Roofs of all ages require proactive... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Safe Environments

Performance is foremost when choosing security guard services, but a focus on several key factors also maximizes... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Web Based Energy Information Systems

Systems designed to monitor consumption are available with an array of... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Planning The Next Lighting Upgrade

Federal regulations that went into effect in July 2010 impact decisions about lighting, and there is more to come in... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Flight Plan

More than a nuisance, many bird species pose safety and health hazards for facility... [...]