Bonus Features Articles

These bonus stories are unusual offerings that take a look at facility management from a different or specialized perspective.

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Anniversary Retrospective: 20 Years of Facility Management

This is an extended version of the article that appears in the September 2008 issue, which recognizes TFM's 20th... [...]

Strategic Facility Planning Report: Part 1

Springer and Lockwood explain how seemingly unrelated events can link up to create new challenges for facility... [...]

Special Report: The State Of Sustainability

Are facility managers ready to act? Or are they marching to the beat of a different... [...]

Special Report: Readers Benchmark Earnings

The first TFM Salary Survey reveals demographic nuances based on key factors.... [...]

Special Report: You Can Take It To The Bank

TFM survey examines financial demographics of the profession.... [...]

Special Report: William McDonough

Everything and anything is possible for this man whose actions speak louder than... [...]

Special Report: Lee Evey: The Man And His Mission

As the Pentagon renovation manager, Lee Evey is not only the man responsible for overseeing the Phoenix Project—restoring the area damaged in last September's attacks–but he is also supervising the long-term renovation of one of the largest—and arguably the most famous–buildings in the United... [...]

Green Solutions: Tragedy Results In Success

One facility professional had to experience disaster in order to take monumental steps towards environmental progress.... [...]

Special Feature: Going Directly To The Source

Bolstered by the work of the EMerge Alliance, direct current (DC) is gaining momentum as a potential power distribution option that could help drive microgrid and net zero building... [...]

Special Feature: Worst Case Scenario

Severe weather tests Gulf Coast facility managers trying to... [...]