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Friday Funny: Why Is This New Yorker Hugging A Street Lamp?


New Yorkers may have a reputation for not being the friendliest of folks when they’re busy trying to get from here to there. So what gives with them chatting with, and even hugging, a street lamp?

GE To Take Low Voltage Offerings On The Road

GE To Take Low Voltage Offerings On The Road

GE Consumer & Industrial’s Electrical Distribution business will travel to 31 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada by January 2009. Beginning in August, GE’s new Low Voltage Revolution Tour will travel more than 12,000 miles, spending between several days in each location. The tour will take the company’s product portfolio directly to the home cities of electrical distributors and industrial end-users. The tour will feature a 45-foot industrial trailer containing GE electrical distribution technology and applications, and each tour stop will include digital presentations from GE product managers as well as on-site product demonstrations. Industrial distributors, consulting engineers, original equipment manufacturers, and a variety of industrial end-users will have the opportunity to meet with GE representatives and interact with the low voltage lineup in person. “We’ve been exploring various ways of getting our low voltage lineup in front of our customers and partners who need it most,” explains Dick Jackman, general manager of industrial products at GE. “The tour will give them a chance to touch and feel these new products and see how they can work for them.” The Low Voltage Revolution Tour will feature a number of products from GE’s electrical distribution portfolio. “Among these will be EntelliGuard® G circuit breakers—the newest in a line of low voltage power circuit breakers that evolved from the designs and practices of GE legacy breakers. These will be shown alongside EntelliGuard® TU Trip Units, which arm breakers with technology that provides system protection, local and remote monitoring, relaying, and communications. Tour ScheduleThe Low Voltage Revolution Tour will begin at GE’s Electrical Distribution business in Plainville, CT, on August 4, 2008, and will finish at the same location on January 30, 2009. The stops are: August 4 – Plainville, CT August 5-8 – Philadelphia, PA August 11-14 – New York, NY August 15-20 – Boston, MA August 21-22 – Montreal, Canada August 26-27 – Toronto, Canada August 29-September 4 – Pittsburgh, PA September 5-8 – Cleveland, OH September 10-15 – Columbus, OH September 16-19 – Detroit, MI September 21-24 – Cincinnati, OH September 25-30 – Chicago, IL October 1-3 – Madison, WI October 6-8 – Minneapolis, MN October 10-13 – West Burlington, IA October 15-17 – Kansas City, MO October 21-24 – Denver, CO October 29-30 – Calgary, Canada November 3-4 – Vancouver, Canada November 6-11 – Seattle, WA November 14-19 – San Francisco, CA November 21-26 – Los Angeles, CA December 1-4 – Phoenix, AZ December 8-11 – Dallas, TX December 15-18 – Houston, TX December 22-24 – New Orleans, LA… …Read More…