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NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Panoptix Continuous Commissioning from Johnson Controls

An alternative to retro commissioning, a continuous approach using two apps available through Panoptix enables facility managers to keep a close eye on building systems.

HVAC Trends: Refrigerant Update

As the phaseout of the high global warming impact substances used in HVAC/R equipment ramps up, research on suitable alternatives continues.

New Service Spotlight: Panoptix from Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls recently introduced the Panoptix solution, an approach to building efficiency that makes it easier and more affordable for facility managers (fms) of any size facility to achieve better building performance.

The Panoptix solution includes four key components:

  • An open technology platform to collect and manage data from disparate building systems and other data sources, such as meter and weather data
  • A suite of cloud hosted building efficiency applications that work with any building management system
  • Online and by phone live guide support, as well as on site building and energy services, to help customers implement operational improvements and energy savings measures
  • An online Panoptix connected community of peers and experts committed to sharing best practices, news, and resources

“Johnson Controls is known for innovations that improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and asset performance,” said Dave Myers, president, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls. “What’s exciting about Panoptix is how we can now deliver these outcomes. An intuitive user experience and a subscription based business model mean that sophisticated building management is now as accessible to a single building owner as it is to managers of global property portfolios.”

Addressing Barriers to Smart Building Technology Implementation

According to the 2011 International Data Corporation (IDC) Energy Insights Smart Building Investment Survey, 64% of respondents including building management decision makers, cite cost as the number one hurdle to implementing smart building technology. Panoptix addresses this by expanding on existing building management systems, as well as eliminating the need for large initial capital investment with a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription offering. Fms can further manage their investments by configuring their systems to focus on their most critical priorities, such as energy usage and equipment performance, by choosing only the applications they require.

Besides cost barriers, the IDC Energy Insights study also revealed that skill set gaps made it difficult for fms to install and use smart building technology. Panoptix applications address this by presenting critical energy and performance information through an easy to use interface. The applications are built from advanced analytics and patented technology so customers benefit from the knowledge and experience of Johnson Controls Building Efficiency engineers. “While there is a growing urgency in making buildings more energy efficient, fms continue to tell us that cost and skill set gaps are the key barriers to taking significant action,” said Myers. “Panoptix addresses these barriers through the combination of technology and expertise of Johnson Controls.” The initial applications include:
  • Continuous Diagnostics Advisor: Detects abnormal energy consumption and identifies equipment faults
  • Carbon and Energy Reporter: Tracks energy usage and carbon emissions across an enterprise
  • Measurement and Verification Monitor: Creates energy baseline models and tracks savings from energy efficiency projects
  • Custom Analyzer: Provides flexible trend analysis to compare facilities, diagnose problems, and report performance
The Panoptix suite of applications will continue to expand, with both Johnson Controls and partner developed applications. A software developer's kit will be available in 2012. Online Support and Service Panoptix offers Live Guide support to help fms optimize their use of the applications. Live Guide support is complemented by a portfolio of building and energy services from Johnson Controls to help fms implement the operational improvements and energy savings measures identified with the Panoptix applications. Additionally, the Panoptix Connected Community provides online connections to subject matter experts, industry thought leaders, and colleagues to share best practices, news, and tips on achieving building efficiency. “Panoptix is a comprehensive approach to help customers achieve optimal building efficiency,” said Myers. “Today’s offerings are just the beginning of a new generation of solutions with a focus on accessibility, affordability and ease of use.”  

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