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PC-based simulator allows personnel to train on the operation of their switchgear in an office environment.

PC-based simulator allows personnel to train on the operation of their switchgear in an office environment.

Russelectric Training Simulators From Russelectric

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Employees Are Leading Cause Of Data Breaches

data security

60 percent of companies believe their employees are not knowledgeable about the company’s security risks, according to a new study from Experian Data Breach Resolution and Ponemon Institute.

Question Of The Week: How To Reduce Cleaning Costs?

cleaning costs

Reducing cleaning supply costs can provide major savings for your facility. Here’s a list of 10 ways you can meet that goal, from the National Service Alliance.

FM Alert: OSHA’s New Work Injury Reporting Rule In Effect August 10

work injury

New reporting requirements will ‘nudge’ employers to prevent worker injuries and illnesses to demonstrate to investors, job seekers, customers, and the public that they operate safe and well-managed facilities

Did You Miss Our “In-Building Cellular: Enabling The Smart Building” Webinar?

In-Building Cellular

During this free video webinar, you’ll learn how small cells can enable the reliable and secure network you need to manage your facility and deliver the secure coverage and capacity your corporate tenants are demanding.

White House Event Stresses Resiliency In Building Codes/Standards

Resilient Building Codes

The White House is hosting a Conference on Resilient Building Codes today to highlight the critical role of building codes in furthering community resilience and the importance of incorporating resilience and the future impacts of climate change in the codes and standards development process.

Facility Management Critical To Infection Control

infection control

In a new report from JLL, Infection Control Rises to Top of C-Suite Agenda, a panel of facilities management infection control experts connect effective facility design, operations, and management to the ability to control and dramatically reduce healthcare-associated infections.