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Not Your Father’s Pre-Built Office

As recently as 10 years ago, the vast majority of commercial office tenants leased empty office space and had it customized. Then, landlords offered tenants offices that were generic in design and inexpensively pre-built: a series of private offices, an area for cubicles, and a conference room. Over the past several years, a new trend has taken hold: not only are office spaces offered for lease completely pre-built, these days the pre-built... [...]

TFM's FM Alert

United States, Canada, And Mexico Recognize Architect Credentials

NCARB Is part of tri-national agreement that makes it possible for architects to work across North American... [...]

Job Outlook Improving For Construction Industry

BLS projections suggest most specialty trade careers will grow over the national average in the next seven to 10... [...]

AIA Database Of Stalled Construction Projects

The AIA will establish a new survey that will begin to identify and analyze stalled projects from around the country that could be moved forward on almost any front but for the lack of financing.... [...]

Bonus Feature: The Handbook To Building – MasterFormat

This standard, used traditionally for the construction industry, is expanding to include facility management responsibilities. From the March 2003 issue.... [...]