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Pennybacker Capital Chooses Asset Life Cycle Software

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Pennybacker Capital recently selected real estate software from Pereview Software to power its real estate investment management platform.  Pereview Software is an enterprise-scale, cloud-based platform designed to enable CRE firms to increase operational efficiency, reduce reputational risk, and automate core manual processes. Launched in 2015, the software was developed by Saxony Partners, a Dallas-based company that offers strategic advisory services, business process optimization, and technology solutions for real estate and financial services organizations. For Pennybacker Capital, the Pereview Software will consolidate key investment data and documents across the life of assets, including acquisitions, underwriting, financing, closing, asset management, fund management, investment management, and dispositions. Pennybacker Capital is a real estate private equity firm that opportunistically invests in all asset classes through both equity and debt structures in sustainable U.S. growth markets. The firm executes a thematic investment approach targeting mismanaged, miscapitalized, or other situationally distressed investment opportunities that are complex, off-market, and/or undervalued. Architecture of Pereview Software (click to enlarge.) Prior to August 2008, the firm was located in Fort Worth, TX, operated as investment firm N3 Capital Partners LLC. “We performed an exhaustive survey of the real estate technology market, and Pereview’s breadth of scope and its focus on the real estate industry vertical made it the right decision for us,” said Michael O’Malley, president and CFO of Pennybacker Capital. “Pennybacker will leverage the power of the Pereview platform to differentiate ourselves in the real estate investment space. We are excited about our partnership with Pereview.” Related articles across the web Integreon Opens Global Delivery Center In Austin, TX Other posts by Anne Cosgrove NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing. View the full original article at:

Changes To Lease Accounting: What Do Facility Managers Need To Know?

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Changes to lease accounting standards may affect companies that lease equipment and real estate as part of their day-to-day operations, including those in the construction industry. Because the topic is of such critical importance and it can seem complex to many, William G. Sutton has written this article.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: CMMS/Asset Management Software Recommendations

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I’ve used a few different programs in past lives but they were mostly geared towards educational facilities or they didn’t include some of the vital modules I’m looking for in this particular application. I have found an option that seems pretty sharp and includes most of what I’m looking for, but I’d appreciate more feedback.