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Friday Funny: Men (And Women) At Work–Yeah, Really!

As more and more employees gain Internet access from their desktops, surfing the Web on the job is becoming a serious issue for both workers and supervisors alike. To what extent should employees be allowed to surf the web on company time? It's a charged issue that's a little more complicated recently with the increasing popularity of Don's Boss Page, a Web site that's devoted to helping employees fool their bosses into thinking they're hard at... [...]

Friday Funny: First Industrial Safety Rap Song Created

Employees mix industrial safety and rap... [...]

Weird Wednesday: "As Seen On TV"

A real life Simpsons house from the long running show of the same... [...]

Friday Funny: Server In A Bottle

A bottle of Ballantine's Scotch Whisky acts as a proper... [...]

Friday Funny: Another Toilet Story

At the beginning of the tourist season, a major new attraction was grabbing headlines at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. What was it? You guessed it...a... [...]

DuPont Wins Patent Case

The Provincial Court in Barcelona, Spain last month held in favor of DuPont on all counts in the company's appeal to protect and enforce its patent covering the use of hydrofluorocarbon... [...]


The association had added a new VP and will move to a new headquarters this... [...]

Atlas Paper Mills, LLC Appoints Chairman

The Florida-based supplier of paper towels and tissues made the announcement earlier this... [...]

Back To School Scholarships

Eight college bound students have received funds toward their education in commercial electronic... [...]

Life Cycle Analysis From Carlisle SynTec

The roofing materials company will calculate the return on investment for a variety of roofing... [...]