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FRIDAY FUNNY: Engineering A Sense Of Humor, Revisited

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Back in August 2008, I posted a collection of engineering jokes which is still one of FacilityBlog’s most popular posts to date. Here are some more funny stories and jokes about engineers, planners, project managers, and the rest of the people involved in that world.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: The Greening Of The Data Center

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The Obama administration’s economic recovery package includes commitments to work towards a sustainable, energy efficient future. With the world’s servers currently consuming some 408 MWh of electricity, the effort is certainly needed.

London Retains World’s Most Expensive Office Market Title

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Strong demand amid dwindling supply in London’s West End pushes rents up by 5%; London confirms its position as the world’s most expensive office market for the second consecutive year. Hong Kong ranks second after losing top spot to London last year for the first time since 2008; global office rents increase by 3% overall.