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FRIDAY FUNNY: Going Gaga Over Neverland

Lady Gaga is pondering the prospect of investing in a Neverland renovation. Posted on:

Either the eccentric songstress is purely seeking publicity or she is genuinely enthusiastic over the prospect of taking on a project more massive than Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery obsession….or both.

Workforce Study Hints At Possible Talent Drought In Certain Skill Sets

SF42925 Posted on:

Eighty-five percent of employers report difficulty finding qualified new hires according to Fluke Corporation study. While growth in HVAC and electrical jobs increases, a gap persists between job requirements and available skills.

BOMA International and RICS Collaborate to Advance International Property Measurement Standards

Posted on:

Widespread market adoption of these new standards will provide the building blocks for well-functioning global real estate markets and will be complementary to International Financial Reporting Standards and International Valuation Standards: two layers shaping the global financial system.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Power2U from Newer Technology

NPF Posted on:

This AC/USB wall outlet is designed to enhance power usage by eliminating the need for adapters, and this latest version features NEC tamper-resistant receptacles. It is available in a 20 Amp model for commercial, hospitality, education, municipal, and residential applications.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Ditch The Denim—Dust Off The Tux?


Some employees are taking the concept of dressing up to the extreme, sporting top hats and their “Sunday best” on Fridays. For them, the idea is to break the monotony of flip flops and flannel; some West Coast companies also like to do it in order to surprise East Coast guests who may be visiting for a meeting.