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Friday Funny: Management Mumbo Jumbo

While politicians are the true pros when it comes to Orwellian manipulation of language, representatives from big business are building a laughable linguistic stockpile of their... [...]

Weird Wednesday: Used Mattress Design Competition

Fms with an excess of used mattresses can now transform this massive burden on the waste stream into something positive, thanks to a design competition sponsored by Architecture for Humanity and Rubicon National Social... [...]

Friday Funny: Government Employee Evaluations Mock Poor Performance

Today's Friday Funny is an ironic (and sometimes politically tinged) overview of humorous performance evaluations for federal workers.... [...]

FRIDAY FUNNY: Murphy’s Law…At Work

Murphy's law is defined by the statement, "if anything can go wrong, it will." The following examples illustrate how the same definition can be applied to things that go wrong in the... [...]

Weird Wednesdays: Strange Bedfellows Serving Up Sabretts At Stadiums Across The Country

Watch out lunch lady, the Cowboys and Yankees are aiming for your hairnet and... [...]

Friday Funny: A Quick Cartoon

Back in the early days of FacilityBlog, we offered a Friday Funny Cartoon with a caption contest. Some of our cartoons still get numerous clicks each week. Well here's another cartoon, this time with a... [...]

Weird Wednesday: Posh Pet Properties

Extravagant pet homes will by famous architects will be auctioned on EBay; money raised will go to the non-profit Animal Medical Center in New York... [...]

Friday Funny: Would You Wear This To Work?

An office related costume can get everyone's attention more than a mask and a... [...]