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Weird Wednesday: Can Pliable Lights Be Therapeutic?

These soft anthropomorphic pillows and warming lamps,"heat, light, and provide company" according to the... [...]

Friday Funny: Yo! Engineering Gets Even Cooler

Wanna be cool? Impress your fellow engineers with this hit YouTube rap all about particle physics. Don't forget to share it with your... [...]

Friday Funny: Life At Google Is Full Of Giggles

Everyone has heard about working at Google. It's fun! It's wacky! It has sliding boards, pool tables, and unimaginable perks. But in the mind of the facility manager, the fun and flexible environment at Google may be considered slightly... [...]

Weird Wednesday: Plant Yourself A New Facility

An international firm comprised of scientists, horticulturists, and designers is going back to its roots—literally—in its quest to create structures that are truly "one with... [...]

Friday Funny: Shiver Me Timbers, It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

While software piracy is no joke, here's a brief video that seems especially fitting when technology automates tasks previously handled manually by... [...]

Friday Funny: Your Workspace Reveals Your Politics

According to a story from Senior Writer Jenna Bryner, cubicle or office decor says a lot about the left or right leaning tendencies of... [...]

NEMA Publishes Reaffirmed Standards

NEMA has published the following reaffirmed standards for Shunt Capacitors, Typical Proximity Switch Specifications, and Additional Requirements for Proximity Switches Suitable for Use in Strong Magnetic... [...]

Nystrom Broadens Offerings Through Acquisition

The company recently announced its acquisition of Arden Architectural Specialties, Inc. of New Brighton... [...]

October Is Fire Prevention Month

The Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association recognizes the month by offering seven tips on... [...]

Web Exclusive: Who Gets Stuck Sweeping Up All That Confetti? Political Conventions In The Eyes Of The Facility Manager

Prepping for the Democratic and Republican national conventions required long lead times to ready the host... [...]