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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Time For An Ergonomic Touch-Up

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Time For An Ergonomic Touch-Up Posted on:

This Web Exclusive is a recap of results from a recent office ergonomics survey conducted by Staples Advantage. The pain in your neck at work may not actually be from your demanding to-do list or endless meetings. According to a recent survey from Staples Advantage, office furniture and technology may make or break how employees feel during the day. Results show that by providing support – in the form of ergonomic enhancements – companies can create happier, healthier, and more productive work environments. Staples Advantage conducted an online survey, with responses from more than 150 office workers in companies of all sizes and across industries. The survey, conducted in December 2010, asked about ergonomic preferences and use of ergonomic furniture and equipment. While 86% of office workers report some discomfort from their office furniture and equipment, 41% say it actually does cause a pain-in-the-neck; a little ergonomic fine tuning can go a long way. According to the survey results, with a more comfortable workspace: More than one in three office workers say they would be a more pleasant person to work with; Nearly one in two say they would be more productive; and 35% say they would feel less stressed at work.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Computers Are Our Friends

FRIDAY FUNNY: Computers Are Our Friends Posted on:

For several decades, facility professionals have been told that technology will signal the dawning of a new age of efficiency and productivity. But anyone who has lost a presentation, a spreadsheet, a report, or an essential database due to a virus, worm, or other computer glitch would argue to the contrary…BIG time.