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Infographic: Save Energy With Plug Load Control

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An infographic from Enlighted, Inc., a provider of an advanced digital sensor and analytics platform to further smart building evolution, illustrates how plug load control can save energy and money. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 30% to 50% of U.S. commercial building electricity consumption can be attributed to plug loads. “General office and miscellaneous equipment like computers, monitors, printers, projectors, and TVs consume unnecessary energy when not in use,” said Neeraj Purandare, VP product management, Enlighted. “A recent physical survey of 11 office buildings in San Francisco and Washington, DC identified that only 44 percent of computers, 32 percent of monitors, and 25 percent of printers were turned off after working hours.1 Our new Plug Load Controller reduces this wasted energy use.” The Plug Load Controller works with sensors in the Enlighted System to transform outlets into smart receptacles controlled through occupancy or schedule-based on/off control.  1 “Field Surveys of Office Equipment Operating Patterns” Other posts by Mary Ellen McCandless NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at: