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Partnership Offers Broad View IWMS Solution

Partnership Offers Broad View IWMS Solution Posted on:

This week, iOffice and Aquicore announced an integrated solution to offer real estate professionals full visibility into their energy use in comparison to workforce activity. iOffice is a provider of a “people-centric” integrated workplace management system (IWMS), and Aquicore is a leading provider of energy management systems. “Data-driven solutions are making it easier than ever for FM leaders to get maximum efficiency out of every dollar spent in their facilities,” said iOffice co-founder Elizabeth Dukes. “We’re bringing two powerful SaaS technologies together to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions to unleash the full potential of the workplace.” Under the new partnership iOffice and Aquicore will offer customers the ability to: Find new opportunities to better manage energy operations based on actual workforce demand, in real time; Automate processes, improve energy efficiency and eliminate energy waste; and Inventory all assets, including meters, to improve maintenance programs. “Historically, building operators have had to make facilities and workplace management decisions every day without any real-time visibility into energy and resource usage,” said Logan Soya, CEO of Aquicore. “We are excited to partner with iOffice to break down the data silos that exist in building management and open up real-time energy data to the rest of the enterprise.” Other posts by Anne Cosgrove NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing. View the full original article at: