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FRIDAY FUNNY: Toga! Toga! Posted on:

If you wear a coordinated uniform to work, you’re following what amounts to fashion advice from the great Greek philosopher Aristotle who proclaimed, “The whole is more than sum of its parts.” So go Greek and put on a toga if you want to dress for success.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Take A Sanity Break

FRIDAY FUNNY: Take A Sanity Break Posted on:

In light of all of the crazy news this week, this Friday Funny is all about relieving stress. And what says stress relief best? MINDLESS VIDEO GAMES, of course. The folks over at Adult Swim have created a treasure trove of truly hilarious time wasters.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Creative Parking 101

FRIDAY FUNNY: Creative Parking 101 Posted on:

Imagine the reaction of pedestrians as they walked past this sight: the rear end of a vehicle hanging out of the seventh story of a high rise building in downtown Tulsa, OK. Was it performance art? Nope. It was just a case of REALLY bad parking.