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New Partner For MIT Center For Real Estate

The MIT Center for Real Estate in Boston, MA and Orevco, a commercial real estate technology company, launched a partnership in July 2015 under which the Center aims to aid the Seattle, WA firm in its work to impact the commercial real estate brokerage industry. A private commercial real estate exchange, Orevco offers two products that use sophisticated predictive analytics to help property owners make the most beneficial decisions when... [...]

FRIDAY FUNNY: Watch Out For The Wild Chair

Approach this chair too quickly, and you won't have a very comfortable... [...]

FRIDAY FUNNY: Following Up On Viral Geekiness

Last week's retro inspired MIT Tetris retrofit met its 21st century counterpart when one UC Berkeley freshman, Derek Low, transformed his dorm room into something as well.... [...]

FRIDAY FUNNY: Viral Geekiness

So much for the low tech, but creative Post-it note war FacilityBlog covered in 2011. This high tech stunt elevates playful building art to a new... [...]

MIT Research Focused On Concrete, Sustainability

MIT has announced the creation of the Concrete Sustainability Hub, a research center established in collaboration with the Portland Cement Association and Ready Mixed Concrete Research & Education... [...]