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FRIDAY FUNNY: Waste Not, Want Not

Can this machine reduce restroom supply... [...]

FRIDAY FUNNY: Butt I Don't Mean To Offend You; I Just Want To Make You More Aware

After checking out this toilet paper awareness campaign in Copenhagen, I am now convinced that Hamlet wasn't the only Dane off his nut. Brace yourself for this... (Warning: photo is a bit... [...]

Pushback On Packaging

In 2001,Tom Szaky, then a freshman at Princeton University, founded TerraCycle in hopes of building an eco-capitalist company built on... [...]


Federico Otero has created a clever, attractive application for repurposed egg... [...]

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Valuta By Magnuson Group

This line of waste receptacles is distinguished by its architectural, rectilinear... [...]


This new Web site allows members post/donate items they no longer need and take items they can use for business or individual purposes — all for... [...]