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Trading Spaces? Program For Office And Industrial Tenants

real street tech square logo v1. Posted on: has launched a program to address the problems posed by an office space search in market with a shortage of inventory. Founded in 1990 by a group of San Francisco commercial real estate veterans, the website has been generating commercial real estate transactions since 1999. TradeAddresses has traditionally focused on commercial real estate listings and has offered no additional services to listing agents. This new program has been introduced as vacant properties become more difficult to uncover and off-market deals become increasingly more common, according to the company. meets the market’s demand for more office space with an approach centered on trading leased space.   In partnership with Jim Osgood, the owner of, and Carl Bosse, the owner of Associated Realty of the Americas, is offering businesses ways and means to trade office or industrial space for a more desired one, made available by other businesses looking to make a similar change in space. Offices may be traded either unfurnished or furnished, including all furniture and equipment in order to save time and money.’s trade facilitators use a proprietary database to access off-market space, giving customers options in terms of size, location, duration of the sublease, and additional specified features; and find matches for current and desired space, while maintaining users’ anonymity. A dedicated trade facilitator then provides real-time information and answers to questions throughout the process. The real estate licensee coordinates the sublease or assignment of lease, as well as additional property conveyed. The licensee’s responsibilities include: showing the space; quoting the lease terms; submitting formal offers to landlords; and negotiating deal terms as appropriate and all other activities required by the client. Other posts by Anne Cosgrove NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing. View the full original article at: