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Friday Funny: Super Bowl Winners Based On Labor Stats?

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Team whose fan base has higher employment has won 20 of last 25 Super Bowls; Seattle—with a 5.3% jobless rate—will be the Super Bowl winners for second year in a row, according to RiseSmart study.

Geared Up For The Big Game: Super Bowl XLVIII Gets Super-Sized Security

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For the scads of security personnel charged with ensuring the safety of NFL players, fans, and the many other people behind the scenes at the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl, the real win was in pulling off the mega sporting event without incident.

Football Stadiums: The Power Plants of Tomorrow

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With the Super Bowl shining a spotlight on the NFL, fans of another stripe are cheering sustainable developments at Philadelphia’s eight-year-old Lincoln Financial Field, which recently announced plans to go to net zero and generate power needs through onsite sustainable or renewable sources.