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FM Issue: Flywheel-based UPS Systems

Due to continuing advances in power electronics, the flywheel is now a mature energy storage technology used in UPS applications to support a critical load during main power... [...]


FM Issue: Powered For Performance

Five electrical design principles help to integrate and optimize systems in demanding facilities. Plus, flywheel technology may be a fit for some backup power systems.... [...]

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Smart Window Materials Can Control Light and Energy

Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin are one step closer to delivering smart windows with a new level of energy efficiency, engineering materials that allow windows to let in light without transferring heat and, conversely, to block light while allowing heat... [...]


Trends Bonus Article: Effective Exterior Surveillance

When it comes to exterior surveillance, the interaction of lighting and security cameras plays an important role in facility... [...]

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Real Estate Industry Early Adopter In Use Of Drones

Real estate and other industries that use aerial photography are leading the way in adopting unmanned aircraft systems, based on the first several hundred exemptions the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted for commercial drone operations, reports Aviation Industry News. R.J. Carney, director of congressional relations for the American Farm Bureau Federation, right, and Mike Kennedy, the general counsel of the Associated General... [...]

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Strategy Required To Drive Digital Transformation

Many employees across all generations are dissatisfied with their organization’s digital progress to date and are voicing a desire to work for digitally mature leaders, suggesting upcoming retention challenges for many companies, according to new research by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital. The report also found that the ability to digitally transform and reimagine a business is determined in large part by a clear... [...]


Organizations Increasing Investment in Data Center Facilities; Focus on Upgrades and Retrofits

Despite increased investment in cloud and colocation providers, 87% of data center operators surveyed from North America and Europe are maintaining or increasing their data center facility... [...]

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Four Things NOT To Do To Be A Smart Cities Leader

Credit: Nesta A new study of smart cities successes has uncovered valuable insights by looking deeper at the underachievers. One key lesson: forgetting who your smart cities initiatives are for will put you on a fast track to failure. “Rethinking Smart Cities from the Ground Up” was produced by the UK research organization Nesta and funded by Council Associate Partner Intel. The study identifies smart cities’ bad behaviors... [...]


Telecommuting A Significant Job Perk For Knowledge Workers

Knowledge workers are increasingly moving away from traditional 9-to-5/Monday-Friday office life, according to the second annual PGi Global Telework... [...]

free webinar tool identifies promising energy measures.

Free Web Tool Identifies Promising Energy Saving Measures

New Buildings Institute (NBI) is offering a free tool to help facility executives quickly evaluate the potential savings associated with existing energy saving... [...]