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One in Three Companies Lacks Policies for Information Security, Data Encryption and Classification

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SOURCE Protiviti At a time when cybersecurity breaches are becoming more frequent and significant, organizations are continuing to place a high priority on improving their cybersecurity frameworks. However, despite improvement in many areas, one in three companies still lacks policies for its information security, data encryption and data classification, according to The Battle Continues – Working to Bridge the Data Security Chasm: Assessing the Results of Protiviti 2015 IT Security and Privacy Survey from global consulting firm Protiviti. “It’s no stretch to state that the spectrum and sophistication of cyberattacks and the diversification of their origin will continue to increase,” said Cal Slemp, a Protiviti managing director with the firm’s global cybersecurity practice. “Companies appear intent on addressing data security issues, but are these intentions translating into effective policies and actions to secure organizations’ most valuable data? The results are mixed, at best, according to our 2015 survey. It’s increasingly important for organizations to avoid complacency and consistently enhance their infrastructure, data frameworks and response plans to protect, mitigate and manage potential breaches.” The IT security and privacy survey, which gathered insights from 708 Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Technology Officers, IT vice presidents and directors and other IT management professionals, assesses security and privacy policies, data governance, data retention and storage, data destruction policies, and third-party vendors and access, among other topics that organizations need to manage and improve. Protiviti’s report also includes recommended actions for IT leaders as well as trends to watch. Key findings from the 2015 survey include: “Tone from the top” is a critical differentiator – From strong board engagement in information security to management establishing “best practice” policies, effective security starts with the right tone from the top, which is as important as any policy. Only 28 percent of organizations indicated that there is currently a high level of engagement by the board (compared to 30 percent in the 2014 survey). A strong security foundation must include the right policies – Organizations that have all of their “core” information security policies in place – including acceptable use, data encryption and… NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at:

CRE Firms Need To Speed Up Technology Investment

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Commercial real estate firms need to speed up investment in technology innovation to efficiently capture and manage increasing levels of capital allocation to the industry, according to the newly released “Altus Group CRE Innovation Report,” published by Altus Group Limited and its subsidiary, ARGUS Software Inc. Nearly one-third of the global CRE industry is still using spreadsheets as its primary tool for asset and portfolio management functions, according to the report, which is based on a survey of over 300 international CRE executives. This means potentially $11 trillion dollars of assets are currently managed in manual spreadsheets, with all their inherent risk of inaccuracies and human error. In addition, the report also reveals that three quarters of the CRE industry is managing its portfolios in “data silos.” This unconnected approach to managing information and assets, which often requires cumbersome data aggregation from multiple sources, can significantly hamper the timely data-driven decision-making and reporting transparency that investors are increasingly demanding. Without modern data management infrastructure and systems, investors could judge the industry participants as “behind-the-curve,” threatening their ability to attract trillions of dollars of additional institutional capital predicted to be allocated to the CRE industry in the next decade. “It’s clear that commercial real estate has a huge opportunity to boost productivity, unleash added innovation and increase profitability by investing in new IT and data-infrastructure solutions,” said Bob Courteau, Chief Executive Officer, Altus Group. “With so much institutional capital up for grabs over the next decade, early movers in adopting best-in-class data management and reporting practices have a real opportunity to differentiate themselves from the technology ‘have-nots’.” The report also highlighted that CRE is under investing in information technology compared to other industries. Taking the relative size of each industry into account, global CRE IT spend, as a percentage of revenue, is estimated at approximately 50% less than Financial Services and the Public Sector (including Healthcare). The findings of the report also indicate that while the CRE industry still has some way to go in creating an infrastructure that allows for greater data-driven innovation, industry leaders recognize the transformative impact of… NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at:

Create Premium Disrupts How Cities Market, Investors Evaluate Real Estate

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Credit: Create, Inc. (Create), a new interactive technology platform, is helping cities enhance their economic development competitiveness. Create Premium, the second release, launched earlier this month: Primary users include investors, brokers, and site selectors. Create is a property mapping platform for real estate and economic development that organizes data and provides analytical tools in an immersive 3D environment. This “smart city” technology streamlines property analysis, enabling users to quickly research, investigate and evaluate sites for development potential and economic impact. The pilot program launched in Washington, DC earlier this year, using open data generated from local and federal government agencies. “Our technology gives investors and brokers the capacity to rapidly visualize all the factors influencing properties they are considering for acquisition, including those offered through public RFPs, and to evaluate the development impact, even how it relates to the street, adjacent properties and parcels,” said Stefan Martinovic, CEO/Founder, The Premium release offers enhanced functionality including the ability to export market research and data sets from sources such as Trepp that users can share with stakeholders. Trepp is the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets. Create is an invaluable tool for cities marketing sites. The Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP), one of Create’s economic development clients, used Create technology to market sites at ICSC RECon 2015. “Create provided us a vibrant platform to showcase sites to retailers and investors and, demonstrate what is feasible at a given site,” said Chad Shuskey, Senior VP, Research & Visual Communications, WDCEP. WDCEP’s research team integrated Create with their own data and mapping platform. “It was particularly helpful to DC team members marketing several large scale redevelopment projects across the city. Being able to illustrate what is conceivable on a site sends a very powerful message to investors you are courting.” Create Premium adds value in real estate and site selection. Cities can feature sites as part of the site selection process, brokers and site selectors will be better equipped to find the best deals for clients. “Create is a disruptive… NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at:

Infographic: Cooling Tower Water Treatments Save Resources

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An infographic from Dow Water & Process Solutions shows how advanced treatment technologies can help save costs and reduce water usage in cooling towers.

AMP Introduces SPARK, New Mobile CRM App for Commercial Real Estate Software

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AMP Technologies’ latest Mobile CRM App enables Commercial Real Estate brokers to convert leads to new revenue easily while staying connected to the office in real time. SPARK works as a complement to AMP’s Asset Management Platform by automatically synching all actions and updates, and keeping everyone in an organization connected. SPARK can be downloaded at no cost in the App Store, and will be available soon on the Android Market.  Credit: AMP Technologies SPARK places all the data from thousands of leads in the hands of those who need it, and all updates are automatically synced with the Asset Management Platform in real time. With SPARK, users see their success and progress right on the home screen. Users can see the deals that have been successfully closed or lost. There is a breakdown of occupancy for the selected asset and a visual display of the complete contents of the pipeline. SPARK displays actionable data that is organized, taking the leasing pipeline to the next level of productivity and revenue building.  SPARK is designed to be an easy tool for communication – both between brokers and leads, and between brokers and the home office. Users are able to swipe through customized levels of a pipeline to see plainly what leads are in which stage, and see the vital information for each prospect including contact info, suite info, and notes. With the necessary data a click or a swipe away, CRE professionals will never lose contact with hot leads and can maintain a pipeline that moves steadily from prospect to revenue. “The Commercial Real Estate world is ripe for disruption, and SPARK is the perfect answer to that call,” says Neel Naicker, AMP Technologies CEO/Co-Founder. “Not only are we bringing mobility and accountability to one of the main pillars of asset management, but we are doubling down on our already astonishing Asset Management Platform.”   Other posts by Real Street Tech NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at:

Smart City Designs Earn ASU Sustainability Students Verizon Grants

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Credit: Arizona State University Last fall, Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability teamed up with Verizon to offer a groundbreaking new course — the Smart City and Technology Innovation Challenge. Students spent the semester learning about the latest in smart technologies, brainstorming how they could be applied to cities, and transforming them into business propositions. After reviewing all of the entries, three students’ projects were recently selected to receive grants from Verizon. First Place: PHXflow First-place winner Alex Slaymaker is in her second year in the School of Sustainability’s Master of Sustainability Solutions program and has a passion for eliminating waste. “Cities of the future will view sending waste to the landfill as an outdated inefficiency that hurts their bottom line and reputation,” she said. Slaymaker’s waste-reducing proposition, PHXflow, is a vibrant online waste networking platform created for small- and medium-sized businesses interested in selling, donating, purchasing or exchanging unwanted materials with other businesses in the Phoenix metropolitan area. “Picture a for all different kinds of waste, from wooden crates to leftovers,” Slaymaker explained. In Phoenix alone, enough waste is generated in one year to fill Chase Stadium seven times. Although recovered materials account for one stadium’s capacity, the Brookings Institute estimates that over $500 million worth are exported from the Phoenix metropolitan area each year. Half are sent across the world to Asia, where they are transformed into new products that are sold back to the United States. The remaining six stadiums worth of waste are sent to landfills, even though 50 percent is compostable, 15 percent is recyclable, and 23 percent is recoverable. PHXflow aims to correct this by allowing companies to inject by-products back into the regional supply chain so that others can create wealth from what would otherwise be waste — a matchmaking proposition now backed by a $5,000 grant. Second Place: BetR-block, LLC Christopher Frettoloso, the second-place recipient of $2,000, conceived BetR-block, LLC. BetR-blok, pronounced “better block,” manufactures sustainable, low-cost building materials from recycled paper and other cellulosic materials. The company designed and built low-cost, energy-efficient equipment to pulp, mix and press recycled paper, cardboard,… NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at:

Free Webinar: Smart Buildings, Internet of Things, And What It All Means For Your Career

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We are on the cusp of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, which will not only change the way we interact with technology in the workplace but shape your career as a Facility Manager. Now is the time to decide if you want to be a dinosaur or a superstar! Facility managers have been deploying building automation technologies such as lighting in enterprise buildings for many years. Since this is the most ubiquitous network in a commercial building it is poised to become the lynchpin of the Internet of Things. This webinar explores the convergence of Operational Technology platforms such as lighting and temperature controls, and Information Technology (IT), which refers to anything related to computing technology such as networking and software. What you will learn: What does IoT mean to you and why is it so important. Why OT and IT departments will merge. How you can deliver savings and operational efficiencies today while developing a sound enterprise IoT platform for your organization. Why the Facility Manager will play a pivotal role in the organization in this new world.   Smart Buildings, Internet of Things, And What It All Means For Your Career Date: October 21, 2015 Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDTFeatured Speakers: Derek Proudian and Mandeep Khera Derek Proudian is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Daintree Networks. Derek is an industry IT veteran who has been tracking the Internet revolution since 1980. He has a wealth of experience in various areas of technology, including IP switches, artificial intelligence, hardware, big data and more.   Mandeep Khera is Vice President of Marketing & Channels at Daintree Networks. He brings over two decades of experience in marketing, sales, general management and other functions in Enterprise Software, SaaS/Cloud, and Managed Services.     Moderated by Facility Executive Editor in Chief Anne Cosgrove       To register for this event, sponsored by Daintree Networks and brought to you by Facility Executive, click this link. Other posts by Real Street Tech NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at:

Webinar: Smart Buildings, Internet of Things, And What It All Means For Your Career

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This webinar explores the convergence of Operational Technology platforms such as lighting and temperature controls, and Information Technology (IT).

Analysts Predict Lift Off For The Cloud

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Cloud-based innovations are transforming how companies do business. From driving better customer experiences to providing cost-efficient, on-demand data solutions, cloud investments are becoming a must for today’s industry leaders. In its report, “The Global Tech Market Outlook For 2015 To 2016,” Forrester Research is predicting that the cloud segment will grow 21 percent between 2015 and 2016 alone. This infographic from TeleTech’s e-newsletter, Dialogue, takes a look ahead at the projected growth of the cloud: Credit: TeleTech Other posts by Mary Ellen McCandless NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at:

MRI Software Releases Debt Management Solution Focused on Real Estate Industry

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MRI Software LLC, a global leader in property and investment management solutions, has released a debt management solution focused on helping large-scale property owners efficiently manage their portfolio debt obligations. “With the release of MRI Debt Management, we’re taking MRI Software to a whole new level of financial management capabilities. This solution significantly enhances the way our customers manage debt, optimize their portfolio performance, and better anticipate liquidity needs,” said Stephen Baker, Vice President of Product Management at MRI Software. “MRI Software’s Debt Management solution is built on many decades of global real estate financial modeling expertise,” said Oren Rosen, Vice President, Investment Management Solutions. “This solution provides clients accurate debt modeling together with integrated asset valuations to reveal a complete view of their debt position.” With MRI Debt Management, users enjoy more efficiency, reduced risk, and better transparency into their portfolio through the suite’s powerful debt calculation, reporting, and analysis capabilities. The solution provides the ability to model future loan payment and obligation projections, enabling support for optimizing debt positions and potential refinancing opportunities. users can easily forecast loan performance, including covenant testing, and the automation of debt calculations with compliance tools to highlight actual and forecast covenant breaches. Other posts by Real Street Tech NOTE:This is a summary of a post found on Real Street Tech | The Smart Place For CRE.Parts of it may be missing.View the full original article at: