Energy Articles

Energy efficiency and management, lighting, daylighting, LEDs, CFLs, alternative energy (including solar, wind, geothermal, and others), smart buildings, and other key issues related energy usage are examined here.

Ciralight Announces Partnership With Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star

Utah-based company is the newest addition to ENERGY STAR's roster of participating... [...]

Johnson Controls Announces Call for Creative Energy Projects Entries

Johnson Controls has launched a program to engage kindergarten through 12th grade students across North America in developing ways to make the environment more energy efficient. The program, called Igniting Creative Energy, is a competition that provides national winners with valuable educational experiences including the opportunity to meet national leaders and energy policymakers in Washington, DC. “Students play an important role in using... [...]

U.S. Department of Energy Recognizes CertainTeed Roofing Facility

Shreveport, LA location honored for outstanding energy efficiency, notably reducing natural gas... [...]

U.S. Energy Group Announces New Initiative

Solar panel installation is not common on co-ops in New York City, but U.S. Energy Group os trying to change... [...]

Energy Secretary Bodman Urges Lighting Upgrades; Lauds Energy Conservation Program

Bodman observes, "While cost-effective lighting technologies are available now to cut energy costs by up to 50%, only 25% of the buildings have been... [...]

University Adopts LED Lighting For Holiday Tradition

Last week at the University of Virginia, students and faculty gathered for the eighth annual Lighting of the Lawn ceremony.... [...]

New Report Provides Roadmap For Energy Policy And Strategies In The New Administration

ASHRAE recommendations focus on five key areas for shaping energy... [...]

Day-Brite Capri Omega Launches Employee Sustainability Program

Program designed to increase employee participation in sustainability practices at work as well as at... [...]

New Data Center Users Group Report Reflects Challenges Ahead

According to Emerson’s fall 2008 Data Center Users' Group member survey, managing a dynamic data center and critical infrastructure continues to be a challenge requiring organizational collaboration and systems integration. Energy efficiency, power densities, and availability were all cited as tough issues that data center managers will continue to... [...]

IALD and DOE Work Together to Improve Lighting Energy Efficiency

The Memo of Understanding emphasizes the importance of minimizing the impact of energy use on the environment in support of DOE SSL programs on lighting... [...]