Energy Articles

Energy efficiency and management, lighting, daylighting, LEDs, CFLs, alternative energy (including solar, wind, geothermal, and others), smart buildings, and other key issues related energy usage are examined here.

New Report Provides Roadmap For Energy Policy And Strategies In The New Administration

ASHRAE recommendations focus on five key areas for shaping energy... [...]

Day-Brite Capri Omega Launches Employee Sustainability Program

Program designed to increase employee participation in sustainability practices at work as well as at... [...]

New Data Center Users Group Report Reflects Challenges Ahead

According to Emerson’s fall 2008 Data Center Users' Group member survey, managing a dynamic data center and critical infrastructure continues to be a challenge requiring organizational collaboration and systems integration. Energy efficiency, power densities, and availability were all cited as tough issues that data center managers will continue to... [...]

IALD and DOE Work Together to Improve Lighting Energy Efficiency

The Memo of Understanding emphasizes the importance of minimizing the impact of energy use on the environment in support of DOE SSL programs on lighting... [...]

LINC Network Named One Of Top 200 Franchise Systems

Preventative maintenance contractor group moves up rankings in... [...]

California LED Company Marks A Milestone

LEDtronics marks its 25th anniversary of the company's founding, thanks customers and employees for their contributions over last quarter... [...]

Industry Alliance Focusing on DC Power

The recently launched EMerge Alliance™ aims to lead the creation and deployment of a new power, control, and device-level technology standard for commercial... [...]

Carrier Acquires Noresco

Agreement to help Carrier expand its energy solution... [...]

Making Energy Out Of Garbage

Dow chemical energy partnership with the EPA's landfill methane outreach program exceeds expectations in just one... [...]

New Report Illustrates Challenges Of Meeting Energy Targets For Federal Buildings

Progress will be need to be made in order to hit reduction goal by... [...]