Environment Articles

Articles covering the broader concept of environmental awareness, including corporate social responsibility, climate change, and other news about how facility managers can impact the environment are included.

FM Issue: Survival Of The Fittest Building

It is possible for facility managers to drive value in any economy through energy efficiency efforts in their... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Storm Windows May Address Single Pane Woes

When a full-scale replacement is not feasible, adding secondary glazing is an... [...]

Green Purchasing Trends: Awash In The Green Product Cycle

Third party certification is helping facility managers decide what products meet environmental standards in order to avoid... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Quality, Cost, Sustainability

Can fms have the best of all worlds with pre-owned... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Modular Building Hitting Green Stride

Historically viewed as temporary shelter, the role of these structures may be... [...]

Steelcase Granted Environmental Certification For Using Responsibly Managed Forests

Steelcase, a global office environments manufacturer, was recently granted a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), an independent third party accredited by the FSC to certify companies to its international standards. The certification highlights Steelcase’s ability to meet the FSC tracking requirements for ensuring that the materials used to develop its wood products... [...]

How Low Can You Go?

Using about 1.28 gallons per flush, High Efficiency Toilets (HETs) can reduce water usage even... [...]

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Read Any Good Vases Lately?

A London-based graduate student has collected offcast books and turned them into pieces of furniture with an unusual sense of beauty and purpose. She has also discovered a creative way to reuse secondhand books that are typically unacceptable in the recycling process due to their glue... [...]

Albeo Technologies Selected As A GoingGreen Top 100 Winner

LED manufacturer recognized for game changing technology and market... [...]

Nation's First Green Building Code Sets the Stage for Increased Litigation

In response to the nation's first state-level green building code adopted by the California Building Standards Commission earlier this year, developers are increasingly aware of the nature of these regulations as well as their potential legal... [...]