Environment Articles

Articles covering the broader concept of environmental awareness, including corporate social responsibility, climate change, and other news about how facility managers can impact the environment are included.

New Survey Shows Green Cleaning Not Threatened

Despite the economic slow down, companies have not turned their backs on using green cleaning... [...]

USGBC Announces Certification Bodies For LEED

As the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) continues the development of the next version of its LEED rating system, the group announced this week the certification bodies for LEED. These entities are: * ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. * BSI Management Systems America, Inc. * Bureau Veritas North America, Inc. * DNV Certification * Intertek * KEMA-Registered Quality, Inc. * Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Inc. * NSF-International Strategic... [...]

AT&T Joins Green Grid to Promote Data Center Energy Efficiency

AT&T Inc. announced its affiliate, AT&T Services Inc., has joined The Green Grid, the global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. AT&T also announced it will supply data center performance information to assist the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in developing a new ENERGY STAR rating for data center infrastructure. Membership in The Green Grid and... [...]


Designer Ross Lovegrove believes that "intelligent products reflect the value we place on our civilisation. They must use resources wisely and celebrate the full potential of our emerging scientific and technological age." Working in his studio in London, Lovegrove takes inspiration from nature to create everyday items, including his SUPERNATURAL chair that weighs 2.5 kilos (approximately 5.5 pounds). While many of Lovegrove's products may not... [...]

EPA Climate Leaders Program Reaches 200 Partners

Launched in 2002, the program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a voluntary strategy that works with companies to measure greenhouse gas emissions and to set aggressive long-term emissions reduction goals. The partners represent a range of industries in all 50 states. Last week, EPA welcomed 51 new partners as Climate Leaders to breaking the 200 partner mark. In addition, eight companies took the next step in the partnership... [...]

Cash Back For Green Buildings!

High energy costs, an unprecedented level of government mandates for green building, heightened demand for green construction, and improvements and better pricing for environmentally sustainable materials have prompted many building owners, architects, and facility managers to consider conservation driven updates to save cash. Sec. 179D of the IRS Code provides a significant deduction for the cost of energy efficient improvements to commercial... [...]

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Off The Cuff Off Cuts Made Into Furniture

In the ongoing quest to reduce, reuse, and recycle, one aspiring furniture designer is expressing her artistic talent in the form of furniture made from factory waste—and nothing else. No screws, bolts—just wood waste. Amy Hunting, a London, UK-based designer and illustrator, has introduced The Patchwork Collection—lamps, chairs, and storage/book boxes made out of wood waste and off cuts produced in the Danish factories. These descriptions... [...]

Carpet Recovery Achievements Announced By CARE

The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) recently released the figures on its diversion and recycling efforts for 2007. The group announced that the efforts achieved a double digit growth in recycling and diversion for the sixth year in a row. The CARE 2007 Annual Report included the following statistics: * 296 million pounds of post-consumer carpet diverted, a 17% increase* 275.1 million pounds recycled, a 19% increase* CARE reached a... [...]

Mercury Pollution From Cement Kilns

More than seven years after a federal court ordered the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate toxic mercury pollution from cement kilns, no action has been taken to curb these dangerous and rapidly growing emissions from over 150 plants located across the nation. A major new study to be released on July 23, 2008 by Earthjustice and the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) will document the severely underestimated problem of... [...]

California Green Building Code Adopted; Will Go Into Effect In 2010

The California Building Standards Commission yesterday announced the unanimous adoption of the nation’s first statewide green building code. The code is a direct result of Governor Schwarzenegger's direction to the Commission and will lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced water consumption in all new construction throughout the state, while also reducing the carbon footprint of every new structure in California. “Once again... [...]