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USGBC Announces Certification Bodies For LEED

USGBC Announces Certification Bodies For LEED Posted on:

As the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) continues the development of the next version of its LEED rating system, the group announced this week the certification bodies for LEED. These entities are: * ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. * BSI Management Systems America, Inc. * Bureau Veritas North America, Inc. * DNV Certification * Intertek * KEMA-Registered Quality, Inc. * Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Inc. * NSF-International Strategic Registrations * SRI Quality System Registrar, Inc. * Underwriters Laboratories-DQS Inc. The USGBC notes that these entities are well known and respected for their roles in certifying organizations, processes, and products to ISO and other standards. This evolution in the certification process is being undertaken as an integrated part of a major update to the technical rating system which will debut next January as LEED 2009. The update will also include a comprehensive technology upgrade to LEED Online aimed at improving the user experience and expanding its portfolio management capabilities. Currently, all LEED project submissions are reviewed by USGBC with the support of independently contracted reviewers. In alignment with its vision of market transformation, beginning in January 2009, the USGBC will move administration of the LEED certification process to the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), a non-profit organization established in 2007 with the support of USGBC. Working together with the selected certification bodies, GBCI will deliver an improved, ISO compliant certification process that will be able to grow with the green building movement. “During the past year, the dramatic growth in the number of LEED project certifications challenged us to apply our mission of market transformation to ourselves,” commented USGBC president, CEO, and founding chairman Rick Fedrizzi. “By learning from ISO, engaging with world class certification bodies, and focusing on our mission, we’ve been able to create a solution that will expand our capacity to serve the community while letting USGBC continue to focus on improving the LEED rating system and delivering exceptional green building education.” “Third-party certification is the hallmark of the LEED program,” added Alice Soulek, VP of LEED Development. “Moving the administration of LEED certification under GBCI will continue to support market transformation by delivering auditable third-party certification. Importantly, it also allows UGSBC to stick to the knitting of advancing the technical and scientific basis of LEED.” GBCI currently administers the LEED Accredited Professional program, in alignment with ANSI requirements for professional certifications.

AT&T Joins Green Grid to Promote Data Center Energy Efficiency

AT&T Joins Green Grid to Promote Data Center Energy Efficiency Posted on:

AT&T Inc. announced its affiliate, AT&T Services Inc., has joined The Green Grid, the global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. AT&T also announced it will supply data center performance information to assist the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in developing a new ENERGY STAR rating for data center infrastructure. Membership in The Green Grid and participation in the ENERGY STAR data center initiative underscore AT&T’s commitment to minimize the environmental impact of its operations and to work collaboratively with industry organizations and suppliers to identify optimal solutions and best practices. The Green Grid works to provide industry wide recommendations and best practices on metrics and technologies that will improve energy efficiency in data centers around the world. As a Contributor Member of The Green Grid, AT&T is taking an important role in cooperating with other leading companies to reduce energy consumption and related data center costs. “The Green Grid is proud to welcome AT&T as a Contributor Member of the consortium,” said Mark Monroe, a director of The Green Grid. “AT&T brings a breadth of knowledge and experience in the field of communications. The Green Grid is looking forward to collaborating with AT&T and leveraging its expertise to help further the organization’s mission.” In an effort to improve energy efficiency in the data center industry, the EPA is developing an ENERGY STAR Data Center Infrastructure Rating. This new rating will help data center operators assess the energy performance of their buildings’ infrastructure and identify buildings with the greatest opportunity for improvement, allowing them to capture the financial and environmental benefits of improved energy efficiency in their facilities. The initiative will ultimately enable data center facilities to earn ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy efficiency. To assist in the development of this rating, AT&T has committed to monitoring select company data centers and submit energy data to the EPA during the next 12 months. “EPA is very pleased to have AT&T’s support for the development of the ENERGY STAR rating for data center infrastructure,” said Mike Zatz, manager of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Commercial Buildings Program. “It is only with the active involvement of industry leaders like AT&T that EPA will be able to provide the data center industry with the information it needs to most effectively improve the energy efficiency of these critical facilities.” “Data center electricity use has been growing rapidly in recent years, roughly doubling from 2000 to 2005,” said Jonathan Koomey, Ph.D., staff scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories and consulting… …Read More…


WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Solar Trees Posted on:

Designer Ross Lovegrove believes that “intelligent products reflect the value we place on our civilisation. They must use resources wisely and celebrate the full potential of our emerging scientific and technological age.” Working in his studio in London, Lovegrove takes inspiration from nature to create everyday items, including his SUPERNATURAL chair that weighs 2.5 kilos (approximately 5.5 pounds). While many of Lovegrove’s products may not be seen in the mainstream market, one of his designs–A Solar Tree–can be seen on the streets of several European cities. Solar trees are solar-powered streetlamps that are designed to look like a part of nature more than an artificial light source. Each Solar Tree has 10 “branches,” which are actually solar panels that collect sunlight during the day and then use that energy to provide light during the night. The tree’s “trunk” is green to add to the connection with nature. The lamps were first installed in Vienna in October 2007 in collaboration with the Museum of Applied Arts there. Since then, Lovegrove’s trees have been placed on the Piazza della Scala in Milan and the Champs Elysees in Paris. Lovegrove is working on a second generation of the Solar Tree, which will feature solar panels that follow the sun to increase energy capture.

EPA Climate Leaders Program Reaches 200 Partners

EPA Climate Leaders Program Reaches 200 Partners Posted on:

Launched in 2002, the program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a voluntary strategy that works with companies to measure greenhouse gas emissions and to set aggressive long-term emissions reduction goals. The partners represent a range of industries in all 50 states. Last week, EPA welcomed 51 new partners as Climate Leaders to breaking the 200 partner mark. In addition, eight companies took the next step in the partnership by announcing new greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions goals. Together, EPA’s Climate Leaders represent more than 10% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product and have pledged to prevent estimated GHG emissions equivalent to nine million cars annually. “EPA’s Climate Leader partners are proving that businesses don’t need to break the bank to do what’s good for the environment,” said EPA administrator Stephen L. Johnson. “These leading companies are reducing their climate footprints in cost-effective ways.” The eight companies that are announcing aggressive new greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals are: Baxter International Inc., Deerfield, IL; Burt’s Bees Inc., Durham, NC; Campbell Soup Co., Camden, NJ; Cherokee Investment Partners, Raleigh, NC; Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, CA; Deere & Co., Moline, IL; Millipore Corp., Billerica, MA; and Petaluma Poultry, Petaluma, CA. The 51 companies that are joining Climate Leaders as new partners are:AGM USA, Tempe, AZ;American Packaging Corp., Rochester, NY;Ash Grove Cement Co., Overland Park, KS;Berry Plastics Corp., Evansville, IN;Bluebonnet Electric Co-op., Bastrop, TX;Boise Paper, Boise, ID;Capital One Financial Corp., Richmond, VA;Clements Environmental, Los Angeles, CA;Coca-Cola Enterprises, Atlanta, GA;Evelyn Hill Inc., New York, NY;Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Austin, TX; FXFOWLE Architects, PC, New York, NY;Grand Canyon North Rim, LLC, Page, AZ;Greenstar North America, Houston, TX;GXS, Gaithersburg, MD;Harbec Plastics, Ontario, NY;Harrah’s Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV;HydroPoint Data Systems Inc., Petaluma, CA;LSI Corp., Milpitas, CA;Monadnock Paper Mills Inc., Bennington, NH;MOSAIC, Cheverly, MD;MWH Global Inc., Broomfield, CO;Nicholas Earth Printing, LLC, Houston, TX;One Boston Place LLC, Boston, MA;PHH Arval, Sparks, MD;Pizza Fusion, Fort Lauderdale, FL;Potomac-Hudson Engineering Inc., Readfield, ME;PrintFast, LLC, Roselle Park, NJ;Progressive Environmental & Safety, Overland Park, KS;Prudential Services Limited, Lansing, MI;Publix Super Markets Inc., Lakeland, FL;Pure & Gentle Soap, Seguin, TX;Puronics Inc., Livermore, CA;Ram Offset, White City, OR;Rizco Design, Manasquan, NJ;Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, WI;Schering-Plough Corp., Kenilworth, NJ;Scout Real Estate Capital, LLC, Nantucket, MA;Sid Richardson Carbon and Energy Co., Fort Worth, TX;SKF USA Inc., Norristown, PA;Smithfield Foods Inc., Smithfield, VA;Teradata Corp., Miamisburg, OH;The Boeing Co., Chicago, IL;The Clorox Co., Oakland, CA;The Mosaic Co., Mulberry, FL;The Tidewater Group, York, ME;True Manufacturing Co. Inc., O’Fallon, MO;Wafertech L.L.C., Camas, WA;Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA;Western States Envelope Co., Butler, WI;Wilton Armetale,… …Read More…