Environment Articles

Articles covering the broader concept of environmental awareness, including corporate social responsibility, climate change, and other news about how facility managers can impact the environment are included.

From Where I Sit: How Does Your Garden Grow?

The end of a long, dreary winter has TFM Columnist Dr. Tim Springer in an agricultural... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Building Exteriors That Clean Themselves?

Titanium dioxide is being used to reduce maintenance... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Record Year In 2007 For Energy Star Facilities

Among those joining the list was JCPenney, the first big box retailer to earn the designation from the U.S. Environmental Protection... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Leaner, Greener Restrooms

No matter the facility, the "3Rs" can serve as a universal guideline for conserving... [...]

Facility Fix: Chilling Out

This Q&A with Peter Whiteman illustrates how new chillers provide an energy efficient solution for a healthcare facility in Saskatchewan,... [...]


Services & Maintenance: Sustainable Carpet

The new NSF 140-2007 Standard will help facility managers ensure the best product for their... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Landscape Architects Put Green Roof To Test

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is monitoring the performance of a green roof on its headquarters... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Reducing Waste, Coming And Going

Conscientious manufacturers are cutting back on shipping materials to trim waste for... [...]

FM Frequency: That’s What I Like About LEED

The new year is revealing an optimistic side of FM Frequency Columnist Jeff... [...]

green roof designs and sustainable energy.

Top 5 Common Questions About Green Roofs

With the growth of the green roofing industry, some trends can now be identified. For instance, many early Green roof installations from five or six years ago involved building owners and developers who were very familiar with the technology and had a good understanding of the installation and care of a Green... [...]