Recycling Articles

Corporate recycling policies, waste management, and relamping strategies for facility managers are among the topics covered in this section.

Toilets Find Their Way Into Recycling

One town in California is just one of several locations getting involved with toilet... [...]

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Off The Cuff Off Cuts Made Into Furniture

In the ongoing quest to reduce, reuse, and recycle, one aspiring furniture designer is expressing her artistic talent in the form of furniture made from factory waste—and nothing else. No screws, bolts—just wood waste. Amy Hunting, a London, UK-based designer and illustrator, has introduced The Patchwork Collection—lamps, chairs, and storage/book boxes made out of wood waste and off cuts produced in the Danish factories. These descriptions... [...]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Recycling Fluorescent Lamps

This Web Exclusive comes from Mark A. Ceaser of OMNI/ajax Absolute Sorbent Technologies, Inc. Throughout the country, we have seen bans and regulatory control over the exposure of the public to hazardous risks. However, one of the most overlooked dangers surrounds each of us every day. It contains potentially dangerous amounts of mercury and can be found above your desk at work, in the lamp on your child’s nightstand, and even at your local... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Reducing Waste, Coming And Going

Conscientious manufacturers are cutting back on shipping materials to trim waste for... [...]

FM Frequency: Relief From Green Fatigue

Crane humorously dissects his latest energy saving project: re-lamping for fun and... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Ultimately Green

Refurbishing furniture is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to shrink a facility's... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Waste Management And Ralph Waldo Emerson

What does this 19th century writer have to do with... [...]

Services & Maintenance: Why Recycle Used Bulbs?

Careful lamp disposal methods can help keep harmful mercury out of the... [...]

FM Frequency: Lean Or Green?

FM Frequency Columnist Jeff Crane wonders, do facility managers really have to make a choice when trying to reconcile budgets with sustainability... [...]

Sustainable By Design: Construction Conservation

Successfully executing a recycling plan for construction materials requires careful planning.... [...]