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Jan. 6: Emergency Operations Center Audio Seminar

This Friday at 10:00 am CST, IFMA will offer an audio seminar entitled, "The Emergency Operations Center: The Critical Tool for Incident Management." This 90-minute session will examine the importance of understanding how an emergency operation center (EOC) is critical to effective management of an event. It will also explain how effective EOCs allow for command, control, and communications between emergency responders, recovery and emergency... [...]

Scientists to develop window glass to minimize accidental bird collisions

According to a report from NPR, "more than 1 billion birds are killed by flying into windows each year." The story continues, Attempts to find solutions to the window hit problem have been few and relatively modest, according to Klem. A major exception can be found on the campus of Swarthmore College. It recently agreed to turn a $71 million science center into an experiment, by using it to test a new kind of glass designed to ward off oncoming... [...]

Lightning may be cause behind coal mine accident in West Virginia

Rescue robots have been enlisted to assist in rescue efforts in Tallmansville mine explosion. The AP has the latest news here. Image provided by the Associated... [...]

Roof collapses over German ice rink

Heavy snow has caused the fatal collapse of a roof near Salzburg, Austria. CNN has the full... [...]

Shaw Industries gains environmental certification for facilities

Shaw Industries will certify more than 50 manufacturing facilities under a new environmental management system by year end 2006. The Shaw Environmental Management System (SES) is based on the requirements contained in the ISO 14001:2004 with provisions that are relevant and applicable to the company’s organization. The Shaw Environmental Management System reflects the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance, the prevention of... [...]

Local Market Factors Determine Traction of Green Buildings

Increasing evidence reveals that local market factors are decisive in determining how much traction green buildings truly have. As in other parts of the real estate industry where construction and space absorption rates vary from market-to-market and change over time, there’s a wide variance in the understanding and acceptance of green buildings throughout the U.S. For TFM's coverage of this topic, see "The State of Sustainability" from the... [...]

Save the date: January 17-14, Roof Coatings Manufacturers Assocation

The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association 2006 Annual Conference & EXPO – “Energizing Our Vision” – will be held January 14-17, 2006, at the Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa, Ft. Myers, Florida. The 2006 event marks the 24th anniversary of the organization of the RCMA, formed in 1982. This year’s theme, “Energizing Our Vision”, centers on current, pending and future issues related to the rapidly increasing world of the energy... [...]

Are you a smart worker?

We work in challenging times. In 1992, a United Nations report called job stress "the 20th century epidemic." Six years later, in 1998, the World Health Organization declared job stress "a world-wide epidemic." And a 2005 survey by the Families and Work Institute found that one in three Americans is chronically overworked. Of course, you don't need any voice of authority to point out the stressful realities of the 21st century work world. You... [...]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Protecting Stairwell Safety Without Sacrificing Security

This Web Exclusive was prepared by Shawn J. Mahoney, Marketing Product Manager, Ingersoll-Rand Security Technologies, Carmel, IN. High-rise commercial building fires are sparking rising concerns over what building owners can do to make stairwells safer for emergency egress without compromising security. In 1980, a fire at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas claimed 84 lives. More recently, four people died of smoke inhalation in a stairwell during a... [...]

AED Program Provides Turnkey Emergency Response While Reducing Customer Liability Risk

To enhance emergency response to sudden cardiac arrest victims and help reduce customer liability risk, Defibtech today introduced DefibtechMD - a comprehensive AED management and medical oversight program for the deployment of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in public facilities, workplaces, schools, medical and dental offices, police and fire/EMS organizations, and commercial buildings. For TFM's coverage of this issue, see "Not Just... [...]