Technology Articles

Buildings aren’t just brick and mortar anymore; some can be as technologically complex as computers, due to building automation, interoperability, wifi, HVAC, and other high tech components.

LonWorks Networking Technology Becomes ISO/IEC Standard

This ratification will enhance the adoption and usage of this technology within the worldwide controls... [...]

New Data Center Users Group Report Reflects Challenges Ahead

According to Emerson’s fall 2008 Data Center Users' Group member survey, managing a dynamic data center and critical infrastructure continues to be a challenge requiring organizational collaboration and systems integration. Energy efficiency, power densities, and availability were all cited as tough issues that data center managers will continue to... [...]

AHRI Selects New Chairman Of The Board

The new association head, Keith Coursin, has been an active member of AHRI for more than 10... [...]

Creston Eagles Donates Home Theater

Dedication ceremony officially opens new home theater at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital for Warriors in... [...]

The Facility Technologist: Reaching Into The Tech Toolbox

Facility managers can control costs by optimizing items already in place, along with adding other money saving... [...]

Wireless Trends: Being Heard From Inside And Out

Digital Antenna Systems (DAS) are helping facility managers improve cellular signals and wireless connectivity in their... [...]

California LED Company Marks A Milestone

LEDtronics marks its 25th anniversary of the company's founding, thanks customers and employees for their contributions over last quarter... [...]

Searchable And Sustainable: Customers Click To Calculate LEED Credits

The Mohawk Group brings a new way to rate green products with its LEED PLUS... [...]

‘Hospital Of The Future’ Report Urges Major Changes

Joint Commission report proposes principles, actions to guide future hospital... [...]

Global RFID Market to Reach $5.3 Billion This Year

Despite global economic slowdown, growth for industry still looks... [...]