125 Cassidy Turley Properties To Compete In EPA ENERGY STAR Team Challenge

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Cassidy Turley, a commercial real estate services provider, announces that 125 buildings in its managed portfolio will be competing in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) 2014 ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition: Team Challenge.

EPA Building BattleFor the first time, EPA has invited groups of five or more buildings to compete in teams. More than 5,500 buildings and more than 100 teams are battling it out to see who can save the most energy and water in one year. In the spirit of popular weight-loss competitions, Cassidy Turley will compete against other participants across the country to work off energy and water waste through improvements in energy and water efficiency, with help from EPA’s ENERGY STAR program.

“Making the buildings in Cassidy Turley’s property management portfolio more energy efficient is one of the most effective ways for us to improve our built environment and produce cost savings for building owners and tenants, and we are excited to demonstrate our clients’ properties ability to shed energy waste,” said Marla Maloney, Cassidy Turley Executive Managing Director and Building Management Services leader.

Cassidy Turley participants include buildings located in 13 states and the District of Columbia, representing more than 35 million square feet of managed space. These 125 properties will compete to reduce energy consumption in order to demonstrate that they are the competition’s “biggest loser.”

“Thousands of buildings across the country are going on energy diets with help from EPA and ENERGY STAR,” said Jean Lupinacci, Director of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Commercial Buildings Program. “Organizations like those competing in this year’s National Building Competition are taking a bold step by putting themselves in the spotlight as they compete to protect the environment and save as much energy as possible.”

Competitors will measure and track their monthly energy consumption using EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® tool, make improvements to their building’s or buildings’ energy performance and share their progress. In April 2015, EPA will award recognition to the individual and team competitors that demonstrate the greatest percentage-based reduction in energy use intensity and to the competitors with the greatest percentage-based reduction in water use intensity. EPA will also recognize a top building by building category using the same metric as well as all individual and team competitors who reduce energy or water use by 20% or more.

According to EPA, energy use in commercial buildings accounts for nearly 20% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and energy use at a cost of more than $100 billion per year. On average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted. Thousands of businesses and organizations work with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program and are saving billions of dollars and preventing millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering our atmosphere each year.

For more information about the competition and to track Cassidy Turley’s progress in the competition, please visit the EPA National Building Competition website at www.energystar.gov/BattleoftheBuildings