Pfizer Recognized For Carpet Reclamation Efforts

Pfizer New York World Headquarters in New York City was recognized this week for its carpet reclamation efforts during 2005. StarNet Commercial Flooring Cooperative, a member-owned cooperative of independent, commercial floor covering contractors, presented the certificate of recognition to Pfizer.

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Partnering with Consolidated Carpet, a StarNet member firm, Pfizer diverted 282,789 square feet, or 144,945 pounds, of carpeting from landfills in 2005 through the StarNet/CARE (Carpet American Recovery Effort) Reclamation Program.

“As a Pfizer colleague we have a mandate to be responsible, good citizens to the community, and to lead in worthy directions with integrity,” says Mal Schuster, senior project engineer at the Pfizer New York World Headquarters. ”Our efforts in support of the environment reflect this commitment, from our reclamation initiatives to our annual Spring Recycling Event.”

The StarNet/CARE Carpet Reclamation Program offers an option for dealing with the complexities of a carpet reclamation project. By offering a one-stop reclamation service, StarNet members can handle all the issues and details associated with the job. From the reclamation center, used carpet may be used to produce new carpet, energy, automotive parts or building materials, to name a few reuse options.

“This is what leadership and teamwork are all about,” said Dr. Robert Peoples, executive director of CARE. “Three years ago Pfizer paid a premium to reclaim their old carpet. Today they can do it at a cost more closely approaching typical removal to landfill. Most companies would be content to stop there, but Pfizer is encouraging other firms to become engaged and environmentally focused.”

Consolidated Carpet facilitated the reclamation process for Pfizer by coordinating the carpet removal process with the many contractors and demolition companies working on site. As a result, Pfizer did not have to dedicate personnel or resources to see that carpet removal was accomplished as scheduled and that the old carpet did not end up in a landfill. Consolidated Carpet arranged for the carpet to be removed to the certified carpet recycler on most projects. On other projects, carpet was collected at Consolidated Carpet’s own warehouse and reclaimed from there.