Challenges for the paper reliant offices of today

Growth is good, but for successful businesses trying to manage that growth while making the most of the space they already have, the management of paper files can be one of their biggest, most visible challenges. Their first instinct may be to buy or rent additional office space, but that can prove costly, if it is even a viable option. How then do businesses rise to the challenge of successfully managing the costs, space and needed accessibility associated with the storage of paper files?

The answer – a portfolio of high-density storage options. Smartspace Solutions Inc., an HNI Corp. company (which recently changed its corporate name and identity from Holga® Inc.), has identified high-density storage as its sole focus. Smartspace’s product portfolio has been honed to mobile and stationary storage systems for a wide variety of applications that make “smart” use of existing space.

“The object is to make the most of the space you have, but this is often a difficult goal to achieve when your paper files seem to be taking over and you don’t want to spend precious budget dollars on additional space,” Vice President and General Manager Mike Veal explained.