Scholarship For Ergonomics Students

Humantech, Inc. is assisting students in the pursuit of ergonomics-related education with its 2008-2009 ergonomics college scholarship program. Through the program, a $1,500 scholarship in each of three degree programs —undergraduate (junior and senior only), masters, and doctorate—will be awarded this coming fall.

“We at Humantech are very excited about the opportunity to make a difference in the education of emerging thought leaders pursuing studies in ergonomics related fields” said Josh Kerst, vice president. “This year we’ve defined the program even further to recognize students at the undergraduate, masters, and doctorate levels.”

Scholarship applicants must be pursuing degrees in ergonomics, human factors, kinesiology, human kinetics, industrial engineering, or a related field; demonstrate a passion for advancing the field of ergonomics; have a strong academic background; and supply an example of an original project or unique practical application in ergonomics.

Applications may be submitted online only, and the deadline for all entries is October 1, 2008. A panel of Humantech’s ergonomics professionals will evaluate the entries and award the scholarships by November 30, 2008. For more information about the scholarship, visit