Shift Changes To Save Gas

Changes in your employee work schedules can help ease the pain of today’s high gasoline costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to a four day week with 10 hour shifts or to a three or four day week with 12 hour shifts can reduce weekly gas costs by up to 30%.

Recently, using hourly staffing requirements, Shift Schedules created a template to schedule student interns and residents in the Emergency Medicine Department of an internationally renowned hospital in Baltimore. According to the Chief Resident Tina Latimer MD MPH, “Shift Schedules single handedly solved the scheduling problems which have plagued our residency program for years.”

Shift Schedules now offers scheduling templates to help businesses find the exact schedule they need to provide the shift coverage required for their business. The templates fit seamlessly into the Template Scheduling spreadsheets to create employee schedules for up to a year. Outputs include individual schedules, group schedules and a file to import into the Microsoft Outlook Calendar, your PDA or your Smart Phone.

The templates are very popular with businesses and organizations that need to staff their operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and also very useful in situations requiring less than 24×7 shift coverage. The template packages include hundreds of schedules that provide the same number of people each day of the week for businesses with constant daily staffing requirements.

Shift Schedules has been creating spreadsheets for scheduling people to daily shifts and tasks since 1998 when it was started to serve the scheduling needs of people in need of simple scheduling tools. It has since grown to provide dozens of unique Excel spreadsheets and scheduling templates.