Major Health Organizations In China Install Zoll Defibrilators

Major Health Organizations In China Install Zoll Defibrilators | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Massachusetts-based company helping Chinese improve emergency service.

Major Health Organizations In China Install Zoll Defibrilators


Major Health Organizations In China Install Zoll Defibrilators

Zoll Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of resuscitation devices and related software solutions, announced recently that the Zoll M Series® defibrillator has been installed in a number of high profile EMS centers and hospitals in the People’s Republic of China.

Over 250 M Series have been installed in both ambulances and hospitals in Beijing over the past 18 months to service the Summer Olympic Games and help improve the city’s emergency service levels. In Shanghai, the largest city in China, the M Series has been selected to equip the city’s newly expanded ambulance service. To date, the Shanghai Medical Emergency Service Center has placed 145 M Series into service in the metropolitan area.

In addition, Zoll was awarded a Beijing government public tender to install 191 AED Plus® units into Community Medical Service Centers in Beijing City. This project marks the first time that AEDs are being made available to local residents in China through health centers and clinics. This is an integral part of China’s new healthcare system, which is designed to provide healthcare and first rescue response at the community level.

“China represents an important future market opportunity for Zoll. Although modest in proportion to our consolidated results, over the past two years, our growth in China has exceeded 100%,” said Richard A. Packer, chairman and CEO of Zoll. “We’re especially pleased that major health agencies in China recognize the value, reliability, and consistency of our product portfolio, and are using our defibrillators, AEDs and AutoPulse® to improve outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest, the globe’s leading cause of unexpected death.”

Chinese Market Continues to Expand for Zoll

Installation of the M Series and the AED Plus follows an earlier announcement that several major hospitals and EMS services in China have installed Zoll’s AutoPulse non-invasive cardiac support pump. Four AutoPulse units will be onsite with Shenyang EMS during the Olympic soccer games taking place in that city. Earlier in the year, Zoll announced that 80 AED Plus units were being installed in newly built Terminal 3 at Beijing International Airport, the gateway terminal for the Olympics.

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