Keeping things in perspective…

Keeping things in perspective... | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Markets rise and crash like the waves. Financial giants melt like ice cream on hot asphalt. But cherishing and loving friends and family and keeping their memories alive - THOSE are eternal gifts that can't be bought or sold.

Keeping things in perspective…


Keeping things in perspective…

Markets rise and crash like the waves.  Financial giants melt like ice cream on hot asphalt.  Workplace anxiety hits fever pitch.  Fortunes are routinely earned and squandered.  Politicans are like a man walking in a blizzard and leaving no tracks.  Businesses cycle just as day follows night. 

But cherishing and loving friends and family and keeping their memories alive – THOSE are eternal gifts that can’t be bought or sold.  This notion hit me like a brick in the face last week as I learned a childhood friend was burying her teenage daughter.  May God bless and comfort her family and all who struggle in this life.

Poor Richard

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